Wireless Innovation Forum 6 GHz Committee

The Wireless Innovation Forum's 6 GHz Committee (6GHzC)  serves as the leading industry body to study and specify sharing arrangements in spectrum designated for unlicensed operation within all or part of the 6 GHz band (5925-7125 MHz). The Committee provides technical input and standards to inform the FCC’s 6 GHz rulemaking and facilitates the interpretation and implementation of the rulemaking to allow industry and regulators to collaborate on implementation of a common, efficient and well-functioning 6 GHz ecosystem. 

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What people are saying about the Forum's impact ...

“We appreciate the work of WInnForum in developing technical standards for the AFC systems. In considering proposed modifications to AFC system operations, we will give great weight to inter-industry consensus reached in organizations such as the WInnForum.”  - FCC (Note 46

About the Committee

The initial activities to be conducted by the Committee include:

  • Defining:

    • Interference Protection Criteria

    • Propagation Modeling

    • Spectrum Occupancy Determination

    • Developing a Security Threat Assessment

    • Identifying AFC Requirements for Incumbent Protection

The approach to the committee’s work will emphasize the technical aspects of sharing while simplifying interfaces and requirements. This is done to advance innovative and competitive sharing approaches and to increase deployment speed of AFC systems.

The Committee is ultimately a standards and technical implementation forum for industry stakeholders and developers of the spectrum-sharing technologies. The Committee will not address policy-making or liability management but may occasionally make formal technical recommendations to the FCC or other regulatory bodies following the Forum’s standard policies and procedures.

The participants of this Committee should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Developers and operators of wireless equipment and devices
  • Developers and operators of spectrum sharing systems
  • Operators and service providers interested in deploying in the spectrum
  • Suppliers of systems and components operating in this spectrum
  • General users of spectrum outside of main providers
  • Policy makers, academics, and researchers
  • Liaisons from other standards groups with which joint work is desired or necessary

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The Benefits of Membership

With international member organizations including radio manufacturers, their partners and suppliers, acquisition authorities, service providers, operators, standards bodies, researchers and regulatory agencies, the Wireless Innovation Forum provides a singular venue to advance wireless system and spectrum sharing technologies, to educate and influence decision makers at all levels of the wireless value chain, and to drive changes that will address emerging wireless communications requirements through the enhanced value, reduced total life cost of ownership and timely delivery of standardized families of products, technologies, and services.

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